Training for ISVAs

Independent Sexual Violence Advisers, or ISVAs as they are more commonly known, provide practical and emotional support to victims of sexual violence. The support provided by an ISVA will vary from case to case, depending on the needs of the victim and their particular circumstances. However, the main role of an ISVA includes making sure that complainants of sexual assault have the best advice on:

  • Counselling and other services available to them
  • The process involved in reporting a crime to the police
  • Taking their case through the criminal justice process, should they choose to do so

Due to the complex nature of the support provided by ISVAs, it is important that all professionals undertaking the ISVA role are properly trained and effectively supervised to ensure client safety. Professional boundaries must be maintained and the strict rules and processes of the criminal justice process must be adhered to in support of the client. Therefore it is vital that ISVAs are fully trained.