Service Reviews

An independent service review is an excellent way of understanding whether a service is fit for purpose, meets the needs of the people who use that services, and provides value for money. It is also a great way of obtaining an independent view as to the quality of the service that is being provided.

An independent service review will have many benefits. Ultimately, it should help the service to better meet the needs of the people who need that services, but it also provides an opportunity to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and quality of the service that is provided,
  • Gather information to strengthen the provision of the service,
  • Provide an insight into current service provision, which can be used to monitor and measure the progress of changes that are implemented,
  • Help identify any barriers to effective service provision, facilitating how better access to the service could be improved,
  • Stimulate a more responsive service by involving staff, partners and stakeholders,
  • Support current and future commissioners and funders in their understanding of the service that is provided/required.

LimeCulture has considerable experience in undertaking independent service reviews, and through our unique skills and expertise relating to the range of services that are required by victims of sexual violence. As leaders in the field of sexual violence, we are able to provide credible and respected independent findings about the effectiveness and quality of a service, based on our professional judgment, coupled with the views of key staff, partners and stakeholders.