Recent Projects and Bespoke Consultancy

Examples of some of our recent projects and bespoke consultancy can be found below.

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Truth Sessions Pilot Project - Delivery and Management of Support Service
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse commissioned LimeCulture to develop, manage and deliver the provision of support for individuals engaging with the Truth Sessions, a pilot project that was delivered during November 2015. LimeCulture worked with three trusted partners to ensure that information and advice, access to support workers and counsellors was available for all those who took part in the pilot project. 

Independent Review of Survivors Manchester ISVA Service
LimeCulture was commissioned by Survivors Manchester to undertake an independent review of their Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) service, which was initially created as a pilot project. The aim of the independent review was to ensure their pilot ISVA Service was fit for purpose and to ensure the operating model was correctly aligned for the future.

LimeCulture undertook a two-stage review in order to allow interim findings and key recommendations from the first part of the independent review to be embedded into the service following the pilot phase.

Standards and Guidance for the Medical Examination of Adult and Child Sexual Assault Victims
The Forensic Science Regulator for England and Wales commissioned LimeCulture in partnership with Principle Forensic Standards Ltd (PFS) to draft the standards and guidance for medical examination of adult and child sexual assault victims. This work also included the development of a judicial primer, which outlines what standards should be expected by the criminal justice process.

These standards are the first of their kind, and ultimately seek to raise the standards of the provision of medical examination of victims following a sexual assault.

Health Needs Assessment of Children Under the Age of 13 Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted in the East of England
Between January and March 2015, LimeCulture CIC was commissioned by NHS England to undertake a Health Needs Assessment of children under the age of 13 who have been sexually assaulted in the 6 areas that make up the East of England (Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex).

This comprehensive piece of work looked at the full range of specialist services that are available for children under the age of 13 in the region and based on prevalence data, service-level data and information provided by key informants (including staff, partners and stakeholders) was able to identify good practice, gaps in services provision and key recommendations for improving the services that are available for children under the age of 13 who have been sexually abused. 

Report of Findings from Awareness Training for Multi-Agency Professionals
In May 2014, the Home Office commissioned LimeCulture to carry out a review of five Multi-agency awareness raising events delivered to a range of professionals during January and February 2014.

The report outlined the training that was delivered to professionals to raise awareness and understanding of the issues faced by girls and young women affected by gangs. The report also outlines the good practice that was identified by professionals as part of the events, through discussions and feedback.

This report also included a summary of the evaluated feedback forms completed by 198 attendees and therefore provides a good insight into the views of the attendees as to whether the events were a successful way of meeting the Home Office’s objectives to improve the knowledge and understanding of these issues amongst professionals.

The report also captured the feedback from the trainers who over the course of the five events were able to discuss a wide range of issues with a large number of professionals from a range of organisations. 

Exploring the Possibilities for Collaboration to Provide Services to Support Victims of Sexual Violence in West Yorkshire
LimeCulture was commissioned as part of a project funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, to explore the possibilities for collaboration to provide services to support victims of sexual violence.

This work included developing and designing interactive workshops for service providers to come together to look at the strategic development of local services for victims. The aim was to see how services for victims could be delivered through a partnership approach.

LimeCulture worked with a range of local service providers to identify the possible mechanisms for collaboration, creating a shared vision, overcoming barriers, identification of next steps.