LimeCulture Team

LimeCulture is supported by a range of associates, trainers and staff who each help to deliver our organisational objectives.


Our Associates

LimeCulture works with a range of associates who provide specialist skills and experience to the organisation. Each of our associates is an expert in their own professional field and brings with them a significant amount of knowledge and expertise.

Our associates have been selected to work with us on a range of projects or programmes. They work with us to deliver specific aspects of our training and development initiatives, service development and design programmes or to support our bespoke consultancy work with their unique skillsets.

We are always looking for new associates to work with us. If you would like to work with us please Contact Us.


Our Trainers

LimeCulture has a range of excellent trainers who work with us to develop and deliver our training initiatives. All LimeCulture trainers are selected for their in depth knowledge and expertise in relation to sexual violence and victim care.

All our trainers are passionate about improving the response to sexual violence and working with professionals to give them the tools and expertise they need to undertake very demanding roles. They work hard to ensure that all our courses are up-to-date and fit for purpose to meet the continuing needs of professionals working with victims of sexual violence.


Our Staff

LimeCulture works with a range of excellent people who provide invaluable support and assistance to the running of the organisation.

We occasionally use contractors to help us to deliver specialist time-limited projects where specialist expertise is required.

We have secondment agreements in place with a small range of organisations that loan their staff to LimeCulture for a specific timeframe. These arrangements work well as they provide significant benefits to the employee, their employer and LimeCulture.