About LimeCulture

Established in 2011, LimeCulture quickly evolved into the UK’s leading sexual violence training and development organisation. Through our breadth of professional knowledge and experience of working across the sexual violence sector, we are able to support our customers to deliver excellent services to victims of rape and sexual assault. 
Our unique insight into the full range of agencies with a responsibility for victim care, allows us to have an oversight of the individual role of each agency and how they should work in partnership with other agencies to respond appropriately to a victim of sexual violence.
Much of our work is focused on training and developing ‘the specialists’, (such as Crisis Workers, counsellors, Independent Sexual Violence Advisers, Young People’s Advocates, Forensic Practitioners, Police Officers), and those who have a professional role to respond when a man, woman or child has been raped or sexually assaulted.
As well as working with those who provide specialist services, we also work with those responsible for commissioning, funding and monitoring the services that are used by victims. We have worked with a range of statutory agencies, such as the NHS, Police and Crime Commissioners and Local Authorities to assist them with their roles.
We are keen to support policy makers to better understand what victims need following a sexual assault and what the professionals need to help them do their jobs effectively. Therefore, LimeCulture frequently work with a range of government departments to support new initiatives around sexual violence and to help them shape policies in this important area. 
We frequently work internationally, and have showcased our work to professionals in this field from across the globe.